Doika Donation Module

Civil society organisations in Belarus face a permanent shortage of funding, which threatens their sustainable development and makes them over dependent on one or a few large donors. And those organisations that are trying to raise funds online, confront the fact there is no one-click-payment solution available that is equally adapted for their needs, websites and the Belarusian online payment system.

The Doika donation module addresses these challenges and enables civic organisations registered in Belarus to raise funds at their own websites in a cost-efficient and flexible way, with fewer intermediaries and fees.

This open source solution can be installed at any website of any organisation, regardless of the platform used. Using debit/credit card direct payments, the organisations may collect membership fees, donations for regular activities or for specific cause, like special events, campaigns or charity initiatives.

Next to helping local civil society organisations to strengthen their capacities and improve their transparency, the Doika donation module also contributes to the promotion of philanthropy, citizen engagement and community life in Belarus. It provides citizens with an easy way to support their ‘favourite’ organisations, give help to others and to improve their communities.

Interested in trying the module out? Want to adapt it for your country? Or want to help with code? Check the Doika project GitHub, download the code or join the Doika team!

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Country Belarus
Areas of application CharityOnline fundraisingTransparency of CSOs
Type of solution Web technologies
Technologies applied Aggregator APIFintechObject oriented programming (linux/apache/mysql/php)
Status Launched
ICT Tools Design Budget* 10,000 EURO

*The budget is provisional and should be discussed with each team individually.


The Doika team is a part of the Digital Lab project of the by Falanster initiative. We works on assisting civil initiatives and organisations to improve their digital infrastructure, and on accelerating IT-volunteering in Belarus.

Mikhail Volchak, team leader and project manager
Sviatlana Yermakovich, PR specialist and open-source community manager
Anastasia Marozava, web-designer (UI/UX)
Aliaksei Kirpichenkau, web-developer (full stack)

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