Donor.MD Platform

Donor.MD web-platform supports the development of blood donation in Transnistria, motivating people to donate blood and helping people in need to find a donor.

Donor.MD provides a comprehensive approach to addressing the problem of donor blood shortage of in Transnistria:

  • the system monitors the local blood banks, and sends timely notifications to registered users with suitable profiles, requesting to donate blood;
  • the platform allows people in crisis (blood recipients and their relatives) to search for the blood they need not in social networks, but on a secure specialized portal;
  • donation history and other data in profiles of registered users help healthcare professionals to prepare donors for a new donation;
  • it motivates active or potential blood donors and promotes blood donation in the region.
Country Moldova
Areas of application e-TransparencyPublic health
Type of solution Web technologies
Technologies applied Search systemUser-generated content
Status Launched
ICT Tools Design Budget* Up to EUR 7,000

*The budget is provisional and should be discussed with each team individually.


The prototype of the solution was created by a team of experts from Ukraine and Belarus within the 2020 Online EaP Civil Society Hackathon. It is further developed by a team of activists from Tiraspol. The author of the idea is Roman Sandu (Moldova).

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