Busine$tep is an educational game for children from 12 to 16 teaching the players about business processes, with a focus on social enterprises.

Based on an existing board game developed by a group of volunteers from Ukraine, this game is an easy-to-use tool of informal business education that can be used by school teachers and activists working with children.

Busine$tep is a combination of a board and a situational game: once a player sets a company, (s)he is challenged with a variety of cases simulating real business life, such as hiring new employees, filing taxes, making sales, etc. Next to several preset cases, the Busine$tep will allow game admins create new situations. Watch the video presentation of the game logic and some cases!

Due to its interactive and engaging nature, the game develops an interest in a child about entrepreneurship and builds basic business skills and understanding of the processes. Busine$tep promotes the idea of socially and ecologically responsible business and helps youngsters practice decision-making.

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Country Ukraine
Areas of application e-LearningGamification
Type of solution Web technologies
Technologies applied Online game
Status Prototype
ICT Tools Design Budget* EUR 8,000-9,000

*The budget is provisional and should be discussed with each team individually.


Busine$tep game was prototyped by a team of civil activists and technical experts from Ukraine and Belarus, within the 2019 Hackathon in Tbilisi. The project is led by a civil society activist from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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